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My preferred contact methods are booking online, then texting (in that order)


For November 2019 I will be located in Sydney CBD, a 3 minute walk from Town Hall Station - outcall rates have been adjusted in my booking form.

When considering timing for Parramatta incalls, I am a 5 minute walk from here. There's street parking in the area.


Available times are shown in the booking form after you select a service. This form is live-synced to my work & personal calendars. If a date/time isn't showing, it means I'm not available then; please choose another time from the available slots shown.


You may receive a confirmation & 1 hour reminder of our appointment. Your phone & email are only used to communicate about this appointment - to add your details to my mailing list, please opt-in separately.

 If booking form won't load, open in a new window.

text only please

Can I call/text you?

SMS is the quickest way to reach me. Please let me know in your text if you don't want a reply after a certain time.

My phone number is just for any FAQs you have prior to booking online - all bookings go through this page (there's a notes section of the form for any questions/requests).

Often I'm not somewhere I can talk. If there's a good reason to call (such as you have a disability), please politely ask first. I won't answer unexpected calls or private/virtual numbers.

Can I email you?

I suck at checking my emails, so email at your own peril. Email enquiries can be sent to I still need a phone number for email-only bookings - and won't respond to emails without one.

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