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text only please

Can I call/text you?

SMS is the best way to reach me for any questions you have after exploring my site, but I take actual bookings exclusively through this form below. Please let me know in your text if you don't want a reply after a certain time.

I don't pick up unexpected calls or private numbers - often I'm not somewhere I can talk. If there's a good reason to call, please politely ask first.

Can I email you?

You can try at your own peril, but I suck at checking my inbox; a reminder text helps speed up the response. I still need a phone number for email-only bookings - and won't respond to emails without one.

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Yes, I offer this, just not on my work number!

general chit chat & sexting


When considering timing for Parramatta incalls, the Entrada Centre is a 5min walk from me. There's street parking in the area.

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