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Do you do anal?

Note that anal is not usually a part of my service. I am open to the possibility, but it would need to be with a client I have spent time with before.  I absolutely will not quote a price or agree to do anal with someone who has not stayed with me before. 

How do I find your ads?


You can search my name + phone number into escort directories to see if I advertise there. Click here to go to my ad on Cracker. 

This site is the best place to find me. All info in my ads is here, as well as updated availability, exclusive photos, and announcements. 

How do I know your photos are real?

All of my photos are verified with the date they were taken, and watermarked to prove they are my own originals. They aren't professionally taken or manipulated - I took them all on my mobile phone using a self-timer to be as accurate as possible. The only editing will be to remove my tattoo and my face. 

Are you available now?

Questions such as 'available now' will be ignored. If it's outside my business hours I won't receive your message, and during business hours I take appointments only. You cannot just arrive without telling me what time to expect you, as in the past people have said they were nearby, only to arrive up to an hour late and clash with appointments that were made days in advance. Unless you have a tardis and are able to teleport to me literally right now, then you will need to book in an appointment, even if it's as little as 20 minutes in advance. I will not see anyone until you can confirm what time you will arrive and how long you want to stay for. 

Will you offer me a discount?

I don't offer discounts. No matter how attractive you are or how much I like you, I still need to make a living. My prices are what I feel my service is worth - and are in balance with what is available on the market elsewhere. Escorts are a luxury service, not a necessity, so if my rates are too dear for you, save yourself time by searching for someone who is within your budget.  

Why don't you show your face?

It's a personal choice. I absolutely cannot show my face, even privately over messenger, for privacy reasons. This is both for my personal life, and for the privacy of my clients (for example if we are spotted together on a dinner date). If you need to see a worker's face before booking, please find a worker who is able to do so as asking me is a waste of your time.

How can I give feedback?

I welcome clients to write reviews for me or to give private feedback. There are 3 options to do this: email, telephone, or through my feedback page (linked below). There you will find an online contact form for reviews, as well as online surveys you are welcome to fill out to rate your experience. There is a special offer running in January and February for return clients who answer my surveys, click the link for more info. 

Give Feedback

Why haven't you responded to my text?

I try to answer all text within my business hours, unless I'm on holiday/tour. I also receive a high volume enquiries and am selective about who I respond to, so there's a chance your text was simply lost in my inbox or we're not a good client-provider match. 

Please send a follow-up text to remind me, but use actual words not multiple question marks because it comes across as demanding. 

If I still don't respond, ask yourself whether your messages were impolite, against my instructions, outside my business hours, or useless (e.g. "hi"). Remember, increasing the quality of your enquiry, increases its priority in my inbox.

Why haven't you responded to my email?

Everywhere that I advertise explicitly states to SMS. If you've seen an ad stating otherwise, it is most likely an out of date ad that has been stolen by a fake site, and I suggest you use a different site for more accurate ads written by the providers themselves.

What is the minimum age to receive services?

The law in NSW says that 16 (the age of consent) is the minimum age to be a client (source - Scarlet Alliance), but a person under 18 cannot enter a brothel or incall premises. In other parts of Australia the minimum age to be a client is 18. I always operate within the local laws - if you look young, please carry ID as I may ask to confirm your age before providing services or inviting you onto my premises.

Can you visit me at home while the kids are asleep?

No. It is against the law in NSW for me to provide services in the presence of anyone under 18, even sleeping infants. I cannot visit if you disclose there will be children on the property. If I become aware of anyone under 18 on the property, I must cease services and leave immediately in order to maintain my legal status as a 

proprietor and licensed sex work operator.

Are you a legitimate business?

Yes. I have the privilege of operating a fully licensed business in a decriminalised state. This means 

-I am an SWA-licensed sex work operator

-I have a registered trading name and copyrighted logo, protecting me against impersonation

-I can pursue civil action against clients who don't pay their fees or 

-I have been able to press charges against clients who are caught filming without consent or tampering with the condom

-I have the financial privilege of proving my income to access rentals, loans, etc

-I can feel safe at work knowing I can contact police in an emergency

Do you pay tax?

Yes. I declare all of my sex work income to the ATO meaning I pay my taxes just like any other business.

-I collect GST on my earnings, which I currently absorb into my rate to keep costs to clients low

-I pay income tax at the marginal rate for my income bracket

-I keep records of my work and expenses and employ an accountant

While it's very expensive, 

Yes. I have the privilege of being a fully licensed sex worker operating in a decriminalised state. This means 

-I am a registered sole trader and declare all of my income to the ATO

-I collect GST on all earnings, which I absorb into my rate to keep the cost to clients down

-I am SWA-licensed to operate as a sex worker in Victoria, where I tour and FMTY 

-I get a full panel of sexual health testing every 90 days

-I use a condom for sex, as is legally required

-My trading name is registered and I own the copyright to my logo, protecting me against impersonation

Do you service clients in wheelchairs?

If you use a wheelchair and are more comfortable receiving services in your chair, that's fine. I am unable to provide lifts or transfers, so please keep in mind if you need to arrange a support person for any personal care, lifts or transfers before your appointment. Carers are welcome to attend if you wish, but must leave the premises during the service.

My incall is NOT accessible - the bathroom has a slight step into the shower and no support bars, and there are stairs to access the venue. On request I can arrange an alternative accessible venue or home visit.

Do you see clients with disabilities?

Yes. I am happy to be contacted by clients with disabilities or their advocates and believe everyone should have a chance to enjoy their sexuality regardless of ability. You may find Touching Base is a good resource for connecting with sex workers.

I have some support work experience and am on Touching Base's referral list for disability-friendly providers. I have my sex worker PDAT (Professional Disability Awareness Training) certificate. 

If you will be reimbursed for therapeutic funding, please let me know. I can provide my ABN on a discrete receipt or invoice, and offer multiple payment methods.

Is it safe?

Every time you have sex you are taking a risk. You can never be 100% certain that a person is not infected

-some STIs never show symptoms

-STIs can lay dormant

-screenings sometimes show false results

-STIs can be present for an incubation period before they show up in tests

-You may have contracted an STI since you were last tested

But don't stress! The risk of STIs in minimal when proper precautions are taken. This is why we practice safe sex!

What do you do to reduce the risk?

I follow the necessary precautions so the risk of contracting or passing on an STI is minimal:

-I get a full panel of sexual health testing every 3 months

-I use a condom for sex as is legally mandated for my profession

-I do not have any known blood-borne viruses of infectious diseases that would disqualify me from operating

-I am aware of my legal responsibility to cease work and notify my partners if I contract an STI. I encourage my clients to let me know, even anonymously, if they come up positive for anything

Please don't request bareback sex from me, even if you're only asking to 'test me'. It is illegal to have unprotected sex with a sex worker even if they consent, and in some states it is also illegal to ask for it. Once you ask, I cannot provide services to you even if you agree to safe sex, because you will have placed doubt in my mind as to whether you can be trusted to use a condom properly.

How can I reduce my risk further?

Get tested regularly. Every 3-6 months depending on your risk and how many sexual partners. Visit clinics in Sydney, Parramatta or your GP. Keep an eye on your junk, and get tested again if anything seems wrong.

Micro-abrasions in the mouth can be a point of transmission, and the back of the throat can incubate infections. Gargling mouthwash like Lysterine or Difflam for 1 minute has been shown to reduce the risk. If you eat pussy without a dental dam, it helps to use a soft toothbrush that day and avoid sharp foods or brushing teeth for 2 hours before/after.

Condoms are only affected when used properly, and there is a knack to it. Let your provider choose the size and put the condom on/take it off and don't lube up excessively before it goes on. Don't try to take it off or break it - it's a criminal offence. Tell the provider if the condom breaks or comes off.

Avoid cross-contamination i.e. don't touch your junk with the same hand you touch someone else's - body fluids and invisible germs are carried this way. Also don't cum in someone's eye/nose, if you were wondering.

Look after the puss. Tearing or getting soap, food, germs, and bodily fluids in a vagina can cause an infection, which may be contagious, so wash your hands and don't be too rough (short nails/no stubble helps). 

Are sex workers likely to have an STI?

Sex workers are less likely to have an STI than the population because we are experts on safe sex. Many non-sex workers have never received proper education on correct condom use or STI screening.

"Professor of Sexual Health at Melbourne University, Christopher Fairley, workers have much lower rates of STIs than other people. This was backed by a recent the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre which showed that of 2896 female sex workers…only 3 per cent were positive. You are at lower risk of catching an STI if you have sex with a sex worker than if you have sex with a member of the public." -The Age

"Currently, there is no evidence that sex workers in Australia have higher rates of STIs than the general population." (2016)

"Sex workers...have an extremely low STI prevalence…0.02% had HIV, 0.06% had syphilis, 0.3% had gonorrhoea and 3.7% had chlamydia...which is lower than the estimated rate in the general community. Sex workers have an extremely high rate of condom use (nearly 100%) with their commercial clients" -medical journal

Of course, some factors affect the risk. Providers who routinely offer natural services have risen to about the same risk of contracting an STI as the general population, which may rise during an outbreak, but remain more likely to get tested regularly and be educated on the signs of infection.

How else can I stay safe?

It's important to think not just about your sexual safety, but also your personal safety.

research a genuine provider 

don't bring extra money 

How do I know an ad I see of you is genuine?

I only ever use the contact details on this site - if I change my number I'll announce it here. All current pictures of mine contain my logo, if they do not they may have been stolen before I got a logo. 

I only advertise on the following sites.

Crockor -

Scarlet Blue


Available Angels

Escorts and Babes


*Anywhere else is a fake ad!*

I found you on another site but it's showing different ads/services/pictures/contact details...


More FAQs coming soon


More FAQs coming soon