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Multi-Orgasmic Australian Porn Star & Girlfriend by the Hour


Hi. It's me, Eva, I live next door. Mind if I borrow a cup of sugar?

I am completely independent and available by appointment, from my private apartment in Parramatta, Western Sydney, and touring Australia-wide.

about me

I've dedicated time and love to perfecting my craft for you. Lose yourself in my release...

I'm sylphlike and suitably delicate, best enjoyed by those who appreciate untouched Australian beauty. My doll-like feline eyes are a window to my inner workings, every inch of me responsive to your touch and primed for your enjoyment. 

I'm a real girl, with real orgasms, bare-faced, casually dressed or not at all, and free from enhancements and pretenses. Exactly the kind of girl whose gaze could transport you to a time of youthful optimism...

I discovered a healthy curiosity for sex at a young age. While dipping my toe into the worlds of counseling, dance, and massage therapy, I trained in the arts of companionship, tease and human touch. I've found my true erotic calling in my lifelong passion - the pleasures of the flesh. I approach everything I do with pride and passion.

After meeting me you'll agree that I strive to please. The moment you step through my door I'm smiling and asking how your day was, as my pleasure comes from your enjoyment; I'm all too happy to point out what I like and I'm not one to rush! Every client of mine receives the VIP treatment.

I can't wait to meet you.

A Closer look

 Background: Australian (Scandinavian heritage)

Language: English

Age: early 20s

Hair: natural, mousy brown  Height: 162cm Weight: 47kg

Build: slender, waif-like

Complexion: fair 

Shoe: 8​

Bust: natural 10B

Size: dress 4-6, panties 8

Body art: minimal tattoos, natural short nails

Piercings: nil

Personality: INFP-T

Love language: gifts, acts of service


Twitter: @evamaySM

Instagram: @theevamay


Dish: sashimi, ratatouille

Book: The Collector - John Fowles, To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, In My Skin - Kate Holden

Fetish: it's so hard to choose! Maybe feet or exhibitionism

Scent: petrichor, Le Male by JPG

Destination: Switzerland, Singapore

Colour: berry purple, forest green

 Chocolate: Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, coconut rough 

Gifts: (by no means expected but always appreciated!) dog treats for Morris, outfits/lingerie you want me to wear,  & other practical/minimal waste gifts 

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