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services & rates

Style of Service

I'm the kind of down-to-earth girl to smile and ask how your day was the moment you walk in the door. I arrive as myself, and like to feel respected by the humans I share space with. You can expect me to make my desires known; if  the absence of pretences and mutual pleasure are necessary ingredients to your enjoyment, we'll get along just fine. 

My style of service is very organic and off-the-cuff; I prefer to let things develop between us according to the flavour of chemistry we share. My unscripted erotic energy shifts with each lover and moment, meaning I thrive in sessions that do not limit the imagination. 

You will be greeted at the door by a smiling Eva, usually in a tantalising summer dress. After settling business I will direct you to the shower for a moment of privacy, where you'll find everything you need to prepare for our encounter. A soapy, steamy shower for two often follows the climax of our session; back tickles, a good chat, and snuggles with my puppy are among my favourite ways to float back to Earth together as our encounter nears its end.

An ultra-thin condom is required for all services, as I don't allow unprotected sex, and all services are at my discretion depending on hygiene etc 

My Most Popular Services Are: 

The Full Service $400-600ph 

Quickie $150

Blow and Go $100

Dinner & Dessert Package $900

Dog Park Date $40

the full service

Eva's Signature Service

$300 30mins

$350 45mins

$400 1hr

$600 90mins

$800 2hrs


Option to start with a relaxing full-body oil rub and body slide

Intimate body worship, affectionate cuddling

Light or passionate kissing

Protected blow job

Ball sucking

Moderate deep throating, gagging 

Prostate massage 

Oral on me, 69, face sitting 


Squirting (if you get lucky) 

Mutual masturbation - fingering, hand job 


Multiple orgasms 

Cum on body 

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Become a VIP (the works)

$350 30mins (excluding anal) 

$500 45mins 

$600 1hr 

$900 90mins 

$1200 2hrs 

I like to feel respected and appreciated, and you will find that for taboo and raunchy roleplays, I prefer to arrive first as myself and then get into character once trust is established. Allow me to unveil my true desire to you in my less restricted VIP offerings. 

I personally prefer the carefree nature of allowing things to develop organically, therefore my favourite indulgence is a VIP Encounter. For VIPs, I charge a set rate for my time (and nothing more ever) rather than traditionally differentiating between vague 'massage' 'girlfriend' and 'pornstar' experiences - why can't we have a bit of everything? Whether you are hungry for some erotic relaxation, yearn for a deeply romantic encounter, or are in the mood for something more adventurous, my VIP menu caters to the full range of possibilities. This allows our encounter to evolve naturally according to the flavour of chemistry we share. A VIP gentleman who likes to hear an enthusiastic 'hell yes!', will savour freedom from the restrictions of my Signature Service, and enjoying a list of experiences that are usually reserved for personal boyfriends and girlfriends. VIPs, please discuss your requests with me, or see below for a list of possibilities exclusive to my VIPs... 

Casual wear, lingerie or costume requests (secretary, schoolgirl or French maid with accompanying role plays) 

Sensual touch all over and a body slide with oil or powder 

Double digit penetration, fisting, squirting 

A more intimate blow job - wetter, deeper, and still with all your favourites (ball sucking,deep throating, gagging, hand relief, teabagging, tromboning) 

Fire & Ice blow job 

Multiple rounds and orgasm denial, with cum on breasts, body or face to finish (I never permit finishing in my mouth)

Dirty talk, playful spanking and light choking/hair pulling 

Golden, red or Roman showers 

Real life porn star experience - become a porn star yourself with the opportunity (at no extra cost) to photograph or film our encounter on my professional camera, with optional studio lighting setup. Souvenir photos and film can be privately purchased later, live streamed at your request, and can optionally be featured in my public store. 

Toy show 

Foot fetishes 

Anal play, double penetration, anal sex

Prostate massage and rimming on you or me

Exploring taboo role fantasies

Your favourite drink on request 

Plus more perks not available to non-VIPs

VIP service does NOT include: unprotected sex

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Signature VS VIP Services - how do I choose?

Contact me with a description of what you're after or book a social or cyber session to discuss if you'd like me to recommend which service style will suit you best. 

short & sweet -under $200

Blow and Go

10 minutes  $100

Only available outside peak hours as a carcall or incall. Condoms are used.

Perfect for days when you're in the mood but time-poor. A more relaxed affair, I will be casually dressed and invite you to my comfy sofa for a deep throating, ball sucking, deliciously wet oral release with plenty of eye contact and TLC.

Blow and Go additions:  Cum on body/breasts $25  Costume request $50 Cum on face $70 


15 minutes $150

Not available for outcall

The perfect pit stop for the busy gentleman's lunch break or evening commute, offered as a courtesy to thank my regulars for their ongoing business (new clients must book a minimum 30mins to get to know you, then the quickie is available for future bookings). Quickies include passionate kissing, 69, ball sucking, covered blow job, dirty talk, one round of safe sex

Shower show

$200 -20 mins

Available when touring 


Watch me soap up and give you a live demo of all my favourite toys - some interactive so you can control the fun. No touching is allowed as I unleash my inner tease. After I've well and truly satisfied myself and the steam has gathered, it's time to invite some audience participation for the last few minutes as you disrobe and join me in the shower for an explosive finish.

Puppy Date


I don't accept cash for walking dates; you must prepay on card.

See details here

Speed Date


I don't accept cash for speed dates; you must prepay on card.

See details here

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Puppy Date


I don't accept cash for walking dates; you must prepay on card.

Who doesn't love dogs and cute girls in active wear? Combine with fresh air and exercising in nature and this service is great for your wellbeing. Get to know me and my pup over a 25-minute scenic walk along the Parramatta foreshore to start/finish your day, or my personal favourite kind of date - a visit to the dog park! With the option to extend with a service afterwards. An excellent activity-based date for nervous first-timers or anyone wanting to meet me before committing to a larger investment, or enjoy some regular companionship within their budget. If you hold a seniors/concession/student/ADF card or have booked this service 4 times in one week, ask me about the discount to add a service after our walk. 

Speed Date


I don't accept cash for speed dates; you must prepay on card.

Get to know me over a short date at a Parramatta bar, café or ice creamery (the way to my heart is with hazelnut ice cream). Best suited to those wishing to discuss their requests in more detail, or meet me before committing to a larger investment. Please note this service must be prepaid on card as I cannot accept cash on speed dates. 

Lunch/Dinner Date


A 90-minute date at a restaurant of your choosing (travel fee applies if outside Parramatta, meal paid for by client). I can recommend a few of my favourite restaurants, and would love the chance to wind down and take a peak into your world as we chat and share a meal. 

Dinner & Dessert Package


A 90-minute dinner date at a nearby restaurant followed by me for dessert. Our 1 hour romp could be at my place or yours. This is the true girlfriend Experience and includes free upgrade to VIP Service. 

Extended Social Date / TGE


A 3 hour activity-based date in a public setting (the Tour Guide Experience), and includes only minor levels of kissing/public displays of affection that are initiated by me. Social dates could be shopping, visiting a gallery, a tour of the city, or going together to an event or function. 

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happy ending

Perfect for those on a budget. A warming nude relaxation oil rub on a purpose-built padded table. Experience the sensual glide of my hands over your entire body, coupled with soft lighting and natural music to transport your senses. After melting away your stress, a nude body slide and hand job ending will release any remaining tension, to leave you feeling peaceful and reinvigorated.

Body rub services are available at my discretion and never during peak hours. Please indicate you understand the limitations of this service when you contact me - failure to understand boundaries is the reason many providers no longer offer this. Erotic relaxation is a truly magical release, when appreciated for what it is. 

If you wish to kiss/finger me during a body rub booking a $50 fee applies. More than that and it's considered full service.

Body Rub - Hand relief 


Short time 20mins $150 

Short time 45 mins $150 

Body Rub - Oral Relief

… with condom

Short time 20 mins $200 

Long time 45 mins $250

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fly me to you

East Coast VIPs

4 hour VIP Experience - $2999 

To: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle/Central Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart, Canberra

Enjoy a 4 hour romp with me in your home city or have me join you for an evening on your business trip or holiday. Includes my flights and airport transfers outside peak season. One meal to be provided during our date.

The Perth Special

Extended Date 

$2999 + complimentary VIP upgrade

90 minute lunch/dinner date followed by 3 hours of me for dessert. For my Perth lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up and reminisce. 

One main meal and flights to be provided by client (economy airline is fine!) 


$3999 + complimentary VIP upgrade

Minimum 7 hours sleep, 2 main meals to be provided by client. Client must cover flights and airport transfers in addition to service fee (UberX and economy airline is fine!). 

Interstate Overnight


To: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Townsville, Canberra, Launceston, Hobart, Cairns 

Price includes my flights & airport transfers and complimentary VIP service upgrade. Minimum 7 hours sleep, 2 main meals to be provided by client. 

Adelaide FMTY

I don't tour to Adelaide, but prospective clients can fly me there for a premium price. 

4 hour companionship $3500 

Overnight $5000 

Weekend 48hrs $18000 

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A double/duo is when a client books 2 providers for one booking, usually for a threesome or similar fantasy*. There's nothing I enjoy more than the excitement of helping you tick a threesome off your bucket list! 

I love my girl on girl fun, whether that be in the form of a lesbian show or being treated to a bisexual threesome. Check out the friends I share genuine chemistry with and choose who we'll invite into our bedroom first! Allow one or more of my gorgeous girlfriends to put on a show for you and show you how it's done, before we work together on pleasuring you... 

*Rates and services for doubles vary as each provider I work with has their own boundaries and prices. Where 2 providers have different rates, it's industry standard to pay both providers equally for the same service, usually the higher rate unless an alternative is offered. 

Please note doubles aren't available in QLD and strict rules apply to doubles outside NSW, Tasmania, and WA due to compliance with local laws. 

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women & couples

Services for Women

I encourage women to explore their sexuality, and as such offer an exclusive discount to female clients - please enquire within. I gently remind female clients that the same rules apply to them as my male clients, regarding etiquette and screening procedures. Latex gloves, dental dams, and toys can be made available for these bookings. 


For couples, I charge a $100 fee on top of my Signature and VIP services.

I offer custom sessions for couples. Some suggestions are

-threesomes for those experienced with another woman or experimenting for the first time

-exhibitionism scenarios for those who want a taste of the excitement without me being too involved, or want to put on a show for their partner to watch

I am genuinely bisexual and relish the touch of another woman. I adore being wined, dined and seduced by an alluring pair of strangers, and love the excitement of helping to spoil a lucky husband for his birthday or anniversary! If you have a fantasy or scenario in mind, I'm happy to work with you on it. Please note I require that all parties be given the opportunity to give informed consent, and as such I must speak with both parties prior to our plans being confirmed. I do not offer surprise scenarios that involve your partner being unaware that I am being paid or not expecting another woman to join - threesomes are safer for me, and more enjoyable for everybody, when conversation happens beforehand. 

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bdsm / fetish

While I have a couple of my own kinks I like to indulge and am happy to share what they are during our session, I'm not a 'kinky' provider. Please note I do not have the appropriate training or facilities to provide BDSM/fetish bookings beyond the scope of what I offer in my VIP service. 

Genuine enquiries only for other low-risk fetishes are welcome, if it keeps within the style of my services offered. 

BDSM and fetish bookings can carry physical and/or emotional risks and should only ever be carried out by an experienced, specialised professional. It is worth paying the money to know you're in good hands. If you require a professional dominatrix or submissive, I am not the provider for you and cannot in good conscience put your safety at risk; please contact someone more suitable.

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cyber sessions

Phone Session

Standard rate is $3/minute, prepaid ny card (min 15 mins). This may be used to discuss further details of a fantasy you might like to try during a booking, or for more naughty purposes when you can't make it in person... My favourite is teasing you through the phone while you try to keep a straight face in the office. I have a range of long-distance sex toys that you can control from your device, such as the WeVibe, Lovense Lush & Hush, dildocam. 

Video Session

Standard rate is $5/minute, prepaid by card (min 15mins).  Video chats can be platonic, for companionship or to discuss a booking, or I have a range of long-distance virtual sex toys you can control from your device, such as the WeVibe, Lovense Lush & Hush., dildocam. The following video sessions are available:

Private (one- or two-way) video sessions 

Group video sessions, where I perform for multiple viewers who can't see/hear each other.

If you want to appear on camera with me, live-streaming of VIP bookings can be included on request.

Spy Session

Standard rate is $3/minute, prepaid by card (min 15mins). Available only to select customers; enquire within. Gain access to a hidden camera and watch me go about my day, sometimes playing with myself or others or using a toy that you secretly have wireless control of. 

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signature vs vip - how to choose?

Please contact me with details of what you're after or book a social or cyber session to discuss and I can recommend which service will best suit you.