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Anon, February 2020

 This was my first time with Eva and i had been looking forward to meeting her for almost two weeks after stumbling across her ad online. I am glad i booked myself to see her because it was some of the most fun i have had in a long while. She made me feel instantly comfortable to the point where our time felt natural rather than transactional. We talked, traded jokes, laughed, teased and enjoyed each other. Do yourselves a favour and book some time in with Eva. I suspect i will be doing the same in the future #igrewthemmyself 

J, December 2019

 After a rough few weeks i treated myself to some time with Eva, The booking process was easy, clear flexibile communication. I had to change apoointments due to work.
Eva is intelligent, naturally beautiful with an energy that is trully uplifting.
She helped me feel very comfortabe and the intimacy felt very natural.
Eva can talk sexy and uses eye contact to make you feel like the centre of the universe.
I left feeling like a man who was treated all of my needs
Her legs have every muscle in the right spot, her bum is the perfect peach. her torso up to her arms is elegant and sexy

A very special beautiful woman 

 B, November 2019

Always such a pleasure to spend time with.


E, November 2019

 The truth is that this experience I lived yesterday has been one of the best of my life, since first contact through its website the treatment was always very cordial, she is a very intelligent woman, she has her well defined style and personality. When the day comes and the door opens to me I see a beautiful woman, a true angel fallen from the sky, a perfect face and a beautiful and adorable body. Leaving the shower awaits me with a beautiful sympathy, we talked a little, but it was impossible not to be a little nervous before such a surprisingly beautiful woman. When she is naked before me it was like living a dream, I did not stand long without being kissing every corner of her body, her exquisite breasts, her hands, her angel feet, to later alternate in her neck and mouth with passionate kisses, both We fell into a game intoxicated in lust. Seeing when she is performing oral sex is something from another world, a sense of pleasure that led me to ecstasy in my mind. When she climbs on top of me, she begins with slow movements and then gives more intensity, the passion and lust that I lived with her is something that will always remain in me. The beauty of eyes is magical, but the language that gaze delivers is dreamlike. I still have not met 24 hours since we were together and I miss her, I'm counting the days to return with her, because feeling her smell and feeling her bare skin in my arms was divine, because being able to hug her and stroke her hair is a dream come true. Eva makes you feel very good, she is totally adorable, the friend that everyone would like to have, it is not yet 24 hours since we were together and I already miss her.
Note: Morris, her puppy is too adorable. 

J, October 2019

 Once again, saw the lovely and sexy Eva today, She did not disappoint me. A week is tooo long to see her again. Will be thinking of you.. Until next time...xx 

T, October 2019 

 Just had the utmost privilege of spending some time with Eva.

This girl has the type of natural beauty and charm that will have you head over heels in an instant. From the beautiful singing as she potter's around the room, to those light blue eyes staring back at you as she attentively takes in every word you say...

Spending time with Eva will be the best thing your sorry arse will do all year. Just do it. 

J, October 2019

 Saw the beautiful Eva today and at first glance.. WOW a cute girl that is well presented and good to chat to. Yes.. 110/100.. She made me feel like a king for an hour.Her kissing is one of the best and her all round slim body is such a fantastic sight to see. I will DEFINITELY see her again, and perhaps make it a permanent girl to visit. Truly loved her and loved being with her... 

C, October 2019 

 Eva is the real deal. There are no hidden agendas, she is the most genuine of people and is absolutely honest with all her photos and information on her website.

When i first read about Eva on Scarlett Blue i couldn't quite believe her story and her pics. Too good to be true. You read a lot about how meeting someone in real life is better than the pics. Well i can absolutely guarantee you meeting Eva is way way better in real life. She has a confidence about her that belies her age. She is very down to earth and maybe the coolest girl i have ever met.

Our first meeting was a social walk with her and her adorable pup. Then back to her place for more intimate fun. I remember walking away afterwards thinking did that really happen such was the time spent with Eva. She is amazing and truly loves what she does. Everything is genuine and nothing is too difficult for her. Just ask nicely and treat her well and you will be happy for days.

I loved it so much i went back the next day. This time for lunch and play time afterwards. If anyone wants a wonderful time with an amazing girl then take her out for lunch and then back to her place for more pleasurably times. You will not be disappointed. 

D, October 2019

 Like a lot of people, I follow a number of escorts on twitter to get a sense of who I am seeing when I book. Eva came across as a genuine girl next door both in her image and personality. Seeing her friendly banter with Alice Field I chose the two of them to have my first ever doubles experience.
Honestly I was nervous about how I might divide my attention during our hour and the thought of paying double made me think twice.
I am so glad I made this choice. These two ladies are so comfortable with each other and exude enjoyment of a new encounter.
After we had gone through the usual niceties we chatted and played. Nothing was rushed.
Any fears I had were totally unfounded.
Why did I wait so long? This was definitely a luxurious treat that has made a good day great. 

E, October 2019

 I was immediately drawn to Eva by her profile and am so glad I made a booking to see her.

Eva exudes a certain unquantifiable quality that draws me back time and time again. Perhaps it is her genuinely caring personality. Perhaps it is her easy-going nature, or the great conversations one can strike up with her. Or perhaps it is because she is a passionate kisser and a great lover. Or that we can have a great laugh in the midst of things :) … Or all of the above.

She makes you feel at ease almost instantly the moment you walk through the door, allowing you to share your desires with her during the time with her. It makes for a fantastic, intimate experience. Without doubt, I have had an amazing time each time I have seen Eva, having exceeded all my expectations and then some. I have seen Eva three times now and I am definitely looking forward to seeing Eva again! 

S, October 2019 

 I knew I wanted Eva the moment I saw her on Twitter and luckily she had Melbourne on her plans not long after.

The photo of her at the phone booth looking as casual and uninhibited as can be had me hooked and I had to see her.

She doesn't use an assistant for enquiries which meant we could build towards our catch up which is so unappreciated sometimes. A lot of effort goes in to that and I for one very much appreciate that about her. Tells me straight away that she values connection, which for me is paramount.

The day finally came and Eva was exactly how I had hoped she would be. Real, natural and a true hedonist and you feel that she is there for the pleasure as much as yourself. Which is all you can ever expect from a perfect play partner.

We had an absolute amazing time. She is in her natural habitat diving deep in your fantasies and her presence is genuine which paves way for a comfortable space to share your desires and multiple orgasms :)

She is exactly like the vibe you get from her socials and much prettier in real life. Even compared to the stunning pics from her recent shoots! and you know that's saying something!

Her body is quite perfect. As petite as she is, she has perfect natural curves and a seductive tight body that gives your hands the control of where you want her... her eyes are captivating and gets this look on her pretty face that will get you thinking the most sinful of thoughts when she smiles at you.. makes you know that she wants every piece of what's in your head.. I don't think I need to say more.

A few minutes chatting with her and all I could think of was how I wish many corporate execs had an ounce of her business acumen. She is impressively switched on.

You also do soon realise that Eva is also very much uninhibitedly comfortable in her sexuality. The fact that she is a total hottie just makes the experience one you would regret if you passed on the chance if you ever have the opportunity and to that end, I am smiling even as I am typing this that I absolutely treated myself by being with her. As far as endorsements go I can't think of any better way of putting it.

It was a pleasure in every sense of the word Eva and I look forward to a time we can catch up again xx 

S, September 2019 

 I had waited till I had an opportunity to meet Eva and all i can say is i am so happy that i did. As people have already said Eva is everything she says she is and more. Eva has an absolutely beautiful and caring personality and if personality is a must for you then Eva is the woman for you. Everything was unrushed and things proceeded as in a natural flow. Eva is a great conversationalist and I loved our chat. Once we got comfortable Eva was amazing. I can't say enough about Eva and wish I could as words can only convey so much. Thank you Eva, everything was fabulous and am looking forward to seeing you again. 

R, September 2019 

 I recently had the exquisite pleasure of securing time with Eva May, she greeted me in a gorgeous yellow dress that was perfect for the occasion and screamed class. The shared moment only got better as we openly discussed our mutual sensual interests in a totally relaxed way. From this time on, I felt fully engaged with a woman who makes you the centre of attention and openly receives pleasure from a highly charged tryst. I hope to have the chance to re-engage with her as she has filled my mind with endless possibilities - Next Time! 

M, September 2019

 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the stunning Eva last week and I am still coming down from an amazing high. Everything about our time together was amazing, from the moment she opened the door to my lightheaded walk back to my car after she had exceeded my expectations in every way. Eva is genuine, mind-blowingly sexy and has a heart of gold ....and those beautiful eyes are just mesmerising. She made things flow so easily and naturally and I felt like the centre of the universe. I can honestly say I am now hooked and have already changed my work schedule to accomodate our next meeting. 

A, September 2019

 Eva May is a beautiful young lady. My time with Eva was not long enough. We got to know each other. Eva is truly a beautiful person inside and out. Eva made all my year with her beautiful smile, soft touch and fun times. I’ll be see Eva again and again. 

A, September 2019 

 After a week which has been so stressful for me at work and also moving house and stuff, I came across Eva's profile which truly I found a very strong spiritual vibe as I looked at her photos.
I had very special moments with her and honestly did not want to say good bye !!!
Eva thanks for everything and making my day great. 

O, August 2019 

 My first time seeing Eva, she has the personality that put all my nerves at ease very quickly. She was fun, friendly and left me feeling safe about opening up to her.
I really do hope I get the opportunity to see her again, she is a real gem that looks after you (and deserves to be looked after). 

M, August 2019 

 Saw Eva today and wow. 10/10 for service. 10/10 for personality. The most genuine, amazing working girl in the industry from my experience. I would whole heartedly reccomend her to anyone who cares for my opinion.

I don't do this often and was quite nervous but she was so great, i felt perfectly comfortable by the end of the session.

Don't miss out lads! 

T, April 2019 

 I waited a month to see Eva May and during this time I was sooo tempted to see other ladies if it had not been for her enthusiasm for my fetish from the first text. After reading my text explaining my fetish the reply was " that sounds like a lot of fun" and when she got here it was nothing but. Her enthusiasm was overwhelming, her patiteness is wow and she's beautiful to go with it. She's engaging which hightens the whole experience and as Gaz above said, so easy to get along with. Your are incredible Eva and us guys are lucky to have such a quality lady in this industry. xx Toby 

J, April 2019

 Hi I am a regular client of Eva but for the first time recently i have taken advantage of her new level of service.

Whilst her signature service wonferful her new service was nothing short of sensational.

It was worth every penny of the extra money and I will book her new service every time I see her. 

A, July 2019 

 I've seen Eva a number of times, and find her unmistakably authentic in her kindness and sultriness. From the first text through to the fond farewell, Eva genuinely wants to mutually enjoy your time together.

She is an attentive listener, keen conversationalist, passionate kisser, and enthusiastic lover. Eva does not rush you, and is open to suggestion. She appreciates an easy-going nature, reading and respecting all of her information, and any thoughtful gifts you bring her or her pup.

Her lightheartedness, encouragement and sense of humour put you at ease, but it's not long before her passion takes you over the edge! 

H, September 2018

 I had the pleasure o seeing Eva for the first time tonight. To say I had a great time would be an understatement.

This was my first time with an escort so I was pretty nervous heading up to her room. Those nerves all went away when she opened the door & immediately noticed that she is the same as her photos but even better in person.

She is great person to have a conversation with and has a genuine interest in getting to know you & what you like.

Out of respect, I won't go into detail about what occured in our time together, but I will say that she is very willing to please your wants and desires and she is amazing at what she does.

Sadly all good things must come to an end. After a shower & nice kiss goodbye I was on my way, wishing our time wasn't over.

I would 100% recommend Eva to everyone & I can't wait to see her again.

Thanks again for a great time Eva, our next meeting can't come fast enough.

J, August 2018 

 Eva is by far the best choice when deciding who to choose. She went above and beyond in all of her services offered. She is polite, caring and so good in the bedroom. Definetely would recommend Eva for 10 times out of 10. 

I, August 2018 

 I had the amazing privilege of meeting Eva last Saturday, who delivered an absolutely incredible experience. She was very accommodating of my request for a massage, which was quite relaxing and gave me a well-needed break in our session. Conversation was very natural and Eva showed a keen interest in getting to know me. In the bedroom we naturally shifted together from a sensual to a raw and primal experience which was absolutely unforgettable.

Eva is truly a lover of genuine mutual pleasure as she says she is - she is not afraid of telling you what she wants as long as you are not afraid of telling her what you want. Definitely a girl-next-door experience you do not want to miss out on, and I certainly look forward to my next rendezvous with her! 

G, August 2018 

 I have had the pleasure of seeing the delightful Eva May.

I do not believe in talking about what happens in my bookings. But everything she says in her ads is true, her pictures are real and she makes sure you have a good time. She communicates well and is so easy to get on with. I am an middle aged overweight man but the way she treats you makes you feel like a young man again.

Highly recommended 

A, July 2018

Eva is exactly how she describes herself, albeit too modestly! She's certainly pretty and beautifully petite.

During our time together she was genuinely passionate. I felt she was thinking about my pleasure at each moment of the booking and was responsive to all of my requests. Her touch was sensitive, her words were considerate, and her mind was open to my suggestions and conversation. She's a very caring and down to earth soul.

She's equally sexy, and her sexual and massage skills were amazing! Eva also seemed to enjoy herself thoroughly, which was very encouraging.

Treat her with the care and respect she deserves and I'm confident you'll enjoy your booking with her as much as I did mine. 


J, February 2020

So I have met Eva before but have been trying to arrange a booking with her for quite some time. I managed to get in a spot last minute during the day which she was more than happy to take on. I did disclose with her a couple of things all of which she was happy to accommodate for. Ohh my goodness. It was the best experience I have ever had. Upon arrival she was in a cute little dress and is not afraid to wear little to no clothes. She met me out the front of her apartment and we both walked to the elevator together up to her apartment, she never hassled me for the money in fact I was the one pressing to make sure I gave her the donation. Once that was all sorted she led me to the bathroom allowing me to freshen up. When I walked out she was dressed in a cute little schoolgirl outft (her little surprise to me). One thing that was a massive turn on was that she is an exhibitionist, she isn't afraid for people to watch her so in her room she opened up all the blinds for anyone to see. We started off with some foreplay and she immediately went for my dick rubbing it through my pants. I eventually gave her what she wanted, she unzipped my pants and went to town on me not holding back. We eventually moved on a lttle and began to fuck, she is so loud when she moans that I'sure the neighbours could hear ;-). We dabbled a ittle with some anal and then went back to some regular sex. She came multiple time even squirting all over the bed before I could not hold back no more she begged for her face to be covered in cum (i didn't even ask for it she just wanted to have cum on her face). It was amazing. Once we had finished we both went in the shower to clean off and then chatted for a while, she never looked at the clock and we ended up talking for a while even after our time was up. If you ever get the chance to see Eva, don't hesitate. She is up to try out so many things some are so crazy that they are so hot. Look forward to seeing her once again. xo